We are a very experience utility mapping company with vast experience and knowledge gained by our staff.

We provide Surface and Subsurface Utility mapping services to locate public and privately owned utility lines and other subsurface objects and structures.

We utilize the latest technologies including traditional EM locating techniques and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). AccuMapMalaysia™ technicians provide information on the exact position, depth and type of buried pipes and cables.

By using non-destructive remote methods all types of underground utilities can be precisely located. A combination of electromagnetic detection and ground penetrating radar (GPR) ensures the highest accuracy of work and allows for detection in all site conditions. Further site investigation can provide the size, voltage, material, number, and specification of existing utilities.

Having accurate utility information at the planning stage of a project will allow proper design, planning and costing and will prevent delays at a later stage. The risk of utility damage is greatly reduced and construction speed increased.


Our Services Includes:

  • Underground Utility Location/Detection and Mapping.
  • Corridor Planning for Proposed Utilities.
  • Underground Utility Detection for Earthwork and Construction Sites i.e. Bore Holes and Piling Works.
  • As-built Survey for Recently Buried Utilities.
  • Profile Survey for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). The Planning of HDD is to Achieve Optimum Drill Pitch and Avoiding Clashing with Existing Utilities.
  • Detection Work as per Client's requirement.
  • Proposal for utility relocation works.
  • Proposal for Optimization for Utility Relocation.

Our Commitment

We guarantee to locate and pinpoint all the underground utilities within the specified work area by using electromagnetic techniques, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipments and other equipments available to us.